Monday, June 12, 2017

Pin-spired by Lorena, and Blue-tiful and Mint (and Lesley's Shoes)

One of my favourite people in the blogosphere is Lorena of My Every Day Wear, who I've known since around 2008/2009. Like me, she posts nearly every day, almost every outfit. She's constantly trying new things, and pushing herself to experiment with what's in her wardrobe. 
 She is also a super-nice person, and one of those bloggers who is on my "bucket list" to meet one day. Her brooch/pin use lately has been inspiring me - she found a stash of pins and brooches, and has been working to include one or two (or more!) in all of her outfits lately.

  • Blouse - St. Michael, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $9.95
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; last worn here in August 2016 with browns
  • Shoes - Garden of Enjoyment, Rita, Fluevog; last seen here a year ago in June 2016 (and yes, I did ruin/shrink that dress when I washed it)
  • Jacket (below) - Lazy Susan's; last seen here in May over birds and velvet

 I built my outfit around this new-to-me blouse (loved it!), which has a built-in tie/bow at the neck. I thought of Lorena and voila! The outfit was born! Put a pin at the neck.

I love this minty-green skirt. It is covered in pearly gold circles - that's what the shine is.
 I know, you are looking at the shoes! One of my coworkers called today's outfit "blue-tiful!" Heh, I do enjoy a good pun.

Outerwear. It is warm, but still chilly in the mornings and today was windy.
 I feel like a "Pink Lady" from Grease in this satin bomber.

The stuff:
 I haven't gotten a lot of wear out of these shoes, but I love them nonetheless. They are very comfy - my shoes have to be, or they don't last long!

Round bling:
 I don't always do a colour theme for my bling - sometimes it's a shape thing. Round circles on the skirt, round studs on the shoes, so all my jewelry must be round. It's the law around here, heh heh.

  • Brooch - Coro, thrifted, vintage 60s
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

At the end of the day, I'd changed into my new-to-me Dunlop runners (thrifted here on the weekend for $19.95), and swung by fashionable coworker Lesley's desk to waggle my feet at her (as I am wont to do).

"Those are my shoes!" she cried. She'd just donated them to WIN, after she purchased them on sale (for 9 Euros) in London. Too funny!
"They just want to see me - no one cares about your shoes, Woman."
They were lovely for my walk to and from work today! Thanks for donating, Lesley!


  1. Oh how funny that your coworker donated the shoes! It's always nice when you find something in a thrift store as it has a bit of history (like your Kim Cattrall suit!) but it's even better when you know what that history is.

    Lorena's inspired me too with her pins - she is a wonderful blogger. I just have no idea where any of my brooches are! Half my stuff is still in storage with the in-laws after we were going to sell this place.

    1. I know, too funny! I've seen my own clothes in thrift stores and at vintage fairs, but I rarely find something of someone I know!

  2. Oh wow Sheila I am sooo flattered and excited to actually have inspired you ! Because you are the inspiration.
    I love how the prints on the skirt and blouse seem to go together and the story about you buying your co-workers is waaay too cool. I would love to see where my clothes end up and how other women wear it. I do occasionally when I pass them on to friends but would love to know where the ones I send to the thrift store go.
    PS. You're on my list too.

    1. You inspire me all the time, Lorena! :) thanks so much! One day we'll meet!

  3. OH, sea green and sky blue, a fav color combo! This is so elegant, with the bow blouse and pearl earrings, and that is why I love the shoes, such a comfy counterpoint..
    But the very last accessory, the furry one, is my favorite! :)
    And thank you for recommending Lorena!
    xx, Elle

    1. Thank you, Elle! Hee, yes, my furry accessory is always there!

  4. You are getting the mileage out of that awesome satin bomber jacket. I love the casual lux look of this outfit. Well done.

    1. I'm trying! I love it, though, so it's not a chore. Thanks, Kathryn!

  5. I love the mint green with the pussy bow blouse! And the brooch is fab - I'm trying to wear more brooches too; I've built up quite a collection..

    Those shoes are so unusual and fabulous; I think they're wonderful.

    It's funny that you bought your co worker's donation. Here, many charity shops send their donations off to other shops in other towns to avoid exactly that happening. Personally speaking, I wouldn't mind if someone accosted me in the street and told me that the item I was wearing was donated by them. I'd just smile sweetly and say thank you!

    1. Thank you! I have lots of brooches, but tend to "save" them for special - I must remember that every day is special! The shoes are awesome, aren't they? When I saw them, I had to have them.

      I would love that too! I get a huge kick out of seeing my own stuff on other people -it just confirms my good taste, ha ha!

  6. So happy they ended up on your feet :) All future shoe/bag donations will be run by you first!

    1. I need to bring some in for you! I have oodles of shoes in the giveaway pile. Thanks again, my dear!

  7. I've never been much of a "blouse" person, but you wear them very well. I think you need to be able to tuck them into pants or a skirt and I never tuck anything. Very nice combination of blue and mint!

    1. Yeah, many blouses only look good tucked in, but I do see (and own) many that have finished bottom hems and look nice left out. Thanks, Shelley!


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