Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Spotted in Lilac; Bronze Shoes and Inked In Tattoo; Theatre With Mom; and Camo and Florals (and Cat Pictures)

I wouldn't describe this weekend as a whirlwind, as everything has been rather mellow; however, many things happened! 

First up, I missed what may have been our last Ulti game of the year to get my tattoo coloured in (line-work done here back in August). I've been so excited to get this done! 
I wore clothes that were loose, comfortable (lots of stretch) and good for lying on a table.

  • Kimono top - Urban Renewal; last seen here in June with Shoes My Husband Hates
  • Sleeveless sweater - INC, consignment; first worn here in August with a "flame on" outfit
  • Skirt - Un Deux Trois, thrifted; last worn here in July with orange
  • Shoes - Chi Mihara; last seen here (4th outfit, after all the travel pics) with yellow and the last of a silk dress

This lilac kimono top/jacket thing doubled as a blanket for me while Mason worked on my arm - I'm always cold when I'm just lying there.
I just can't go for a tattoo in yoga pants and a tank top (as most people do, I've observed). I still have to dress nice! And good thing I did, as you'll see shortly!

The stuff:
Comfy shoes for walking to and from my session. A stretchy belt for easy removal (I admit, I forgot about this, and discovered it while rooting around in a hatbox).

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

While I was getting ready in the morning, Vizzini was proclaiming dominion over my closet.
"This is my space, full of good things to eat."
He is not allowed in there unsupervised.

As mentioned, good thing I dressed up! Sharon - a lovely long-time reader of Ephemera - spotted me in Floyd's dinner, having my pre-tattoo breakfast fuel-up!
Her husband, Paul, took our picture. They are visiting Victoria all the way from Canberra, Australia! What great timing and awesome that they went to Floyd's (because they read about it here)! Thank you so much for saying hello, Sharon, and so nice to meet you both! I felt like a celebrity, and had a glow all day.

I was a few minutes early for my appointment with my tattooist, Mason LaRose at Painted Lotus, so I quickly popped into Footloose Shoes to see if any of their "last pairs" called to me - would there be anything? Um, silly question!
These wonderful bronze leather beauties were regular $228.00 marked down half price to $114.00 - the toe on one of them had a scuff where the bronze patina had worn off. I knew L and I had some antique gold model paint, so I daubed a bit on and you can't even tell there was a scuff.

These are by Miista, and they are incredibly comfortable.
I can't wait to wear these! L was jealous, as these are right up his alley, too.

Almost 3 hours later, here we go, right arm coloured.
The brightness of the colours will tone down a bit over the next couple of weeks as it heals up, but I am thrilled with it. I love how the blue pops the yellow, and the soft terra cotta colour on the banner.

While I was being worked on, I took my glasses off (ah, fuzzy world, so nice) and watched the clouds scuttle by through the skylight in the roof. I saw a helicopter go right over us - I realized later that it was probably the Royals (Kate and Wills, news link) flying right over me! They flew from the downtown helijet pad to Government House's private pad to avoid clogging up residential neighbourhoods (like mine - thank you!).
It's looking pretty good, healing-wise, already, not a lot of plasma weeping, although my arm is quite swollen.
I'll be wearing clothes that cover it up all week while it heals, until it's in a state for public viewing. I have my next session booked for the left arm's line-work!

Saturday was a rush. After that trauma (I say trauma because tattoos DO hurt, and it takes a toll on your body), I had 30 minutes to get changed to go to the theatre with Mom.
I had trouble getting the jacket on, but the tight sleeves helped me keep my arm rigid during the play.

  • Jacket - Comrags, thrifted; last worn here for Canada Day in July
  • Sleeveless sweater - INC, consignment; same as above
  • Skirt - Alex Coleman, vintage 70s, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in July with lace for brunch 
  • Shoes - Wonders Ayers, Fluevog aka "the Fluevog Vizzinis", customized by Vizzini and me; last seen here in June with pink paisley

The play was the Belfry Theatre's production of "The Last Wife" (local paper's review here), based on Catherine Parr's marriage to King Henry VII, but modernized in setting, costume and dialogue (noted as very colloquial in the reveiw). Both Mom and I really enjoyed it. But it was 3 hours, and that is a long time - every so often I was distracted by a wave of pain.

I had to get another wear out of this fabulous vintage cotton skirt. It's just so gorgeous.
Slits on either side make it great for walking to and from the theatre and pub, where we went afterwards for dinner. I very much deserved a big glass of wine by then!

The stuff:
I'll probably do something else with these shoes at some point (you can find out why I painted a pair of Fluevogs here;why Vizzini's not allowed unsupervised in my closet). I still really like them, so they're keepers and will go in to storage next weekend.

Pink bling:
Matchy! Tassle-y!

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Earrings - consignment

I was very excited to recognize one of the actors in the play from TV! Sean Baek (IMDB link here) plays Fancy Lee in Killjoys (link), one of my favourite sci-fi shows.
And woo, he is a very handsome man! There was a brief nudity scene near the end of the play, so we got to see his bum, tee hee. *fans self*

By the time I got home it was dark, and apparently, Vizzini had wasted without me at home, and only L for company (I suspect some cudding went on).
"You should give me kitty treats."
Lies! L already gave them to you, Vizzini!

L and I spent a chill evening playing board games, but I was up early Sunday/today to remove all the bandages and start maintenance of my tattoo. I made about a 10% effort with my outfit, but thought I would show you all anyway, as I really liked the pant/boot combo.
I have to wash my arm every couple of hours today, so a sleeveless top was required. I actually sleep in this t-shirt, ha ha.

  • T-shirt - Smoking Lily, not longer tracked, had it since January 2013 (here, ha, me with blonde hair)
  • Camo pants - Gap, consignment; just worn here on Friday
  • Boots - Doc Martens, consignment; last seen here in December 2015 for Christmas shopping in my tentacle coat (seriously, it's awesome)
  • Coat (below) - Smoking Lily, not tracked; had it since February 2012 (here, me with dark red hair)

Completely no frills - and no make-up! - but I'm feeling powerful, can you tell? I love how the floral combat boots go with the camo pants. I think I'll have to wear this sweater with this combo, agreed?

It ended up being too warm, but the soft inside fleece of this heavy cotton coat was welcome.
This is called the "octo-coat" because those are printed octopi (or octopusses?) on it.

It's been too warm to wear these for months, but I love them and keep them out year-round. I didn't wear any accessories at all - not even earrings!

Vizzini was excited about something on the deck this morning.
"Acorns! They're falling everywhere!"
He seems to think that thumping his tail on the glass will keep the acorns from dropping.
"You get back on that tree right now!'
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Camo Pants With Blue

Thank the gods that it's the weekend. I really, really, REALLY needed it. 
I pooh-pooh your Casual Friday, corporation! I wear camo pants with abandon!

  • Sweater - J. Crew, thrifted; purchased here for $14.95
  • Pants - Gap, consignment; first worn here in August with orange and bronze
  • Sandals - Dr. Scholl's, consignment; last seen here earlier this month with a whale
  • Jacket (below) - Danier Leather, consignment 

I plan 99% of my outfits the night before, and many of them the Sunday before the start of my week. I really wanted to wear my camo pants again (BECAUSE CAMO PANTS), and I also hadn't worn this new-to-me J. Crew merino wool thin sweater yet.
Isn't that the most glorious shade of blue? It was fabulous to wear too - not too tight (I like the tightness of the sleeves - makes my arms look skinny and holds in my flappy "buh-byes"), not too loose, a good V-neck and the high-low hemline looks great without completely disappearing my waist.

Here's my outerwear today, one of my many leather jackets. Most of them are by Danier Leather, purchased new or on consignment - sad that Danier is now no more. It was a Canadian company, and made many of their things in Canada still. Can't compete with those fast-fashion stores.
I went with purple to a) go with my hair and b) because it didn't overwhelm the camo pants and c) it didn't fight with the blue of the sweater. It was chilly and threatening to rain today, so Leather Weather. You know it.

The stuff:
Last wear of the summer from these fabulous chunk sandals. I am ashamed to say that my "pedicure" on my toes was really half-assed, as in it's the same one I've been wearing for a month. You couldn't tell (I tell myself). Probably the last exposure of the toes till spring, unless party shoes are called for. I always strip all the polish off my toes for tights weather to give my nails a break. Do you guys do that too?

Mixed metal bling:
I had planned to wear my mixed metal chain necklace with this, but I didn't like how it went with the neckline and the length of it. So...out it goes. One of my friends will like it, I'm sure.

  • Cuff - gift from Karen
  • Earrings - local
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop

I have a challenging weekend ahead: I'm getting the colour done on my tattoo! Which is immediately followed by a 3-hour play with Mom, followed by dinner. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

Back on Sunday! Hope you all have a fun weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Jungle Cashmere Dots, and Kitty Therapy

Okay, I'm getting my mojo back slowly, but today felt...pretty good. 
It helps that I'm wearing some of my favourite patterns and textures and colours.

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in April as a Rock Princess
  • Pants - Tara Jarmon, consignment; last worn here in May while being Indolent
  • Shoes - Joe Fresh, thrifted; purchased here on Sunday with Jodi for $8.50

Showing a bit of my ink
I need to get back into the habit of taking a picture of my outerwear again - I wore my fluffy long cream light coat and my red hat with this (with aqua sneakers, see what you're missing out on?) today.

This sweater is cut like a t-shirt, and if you checked the previous wearing of it, you can see that I tucked it in then. This is actually a very thin cashmere, and I have a vintage camisole on underneath it to keep it from being see-through
I love these polka dotted pants, and I enjoyed how harmoniously they played with the peachy-coral of the sweater. Red goes with everything. Seriously. It's a neutral.

The stuff:
First wearing of these fabulously comfy flats today. My coworker Lesley exclaimed over them, as she'd tried them on at the same thrift store and they weren't quite her size. Sorry, Lesley, sucks to be you! Mine! Ha ha!

Polka dots with jungle print is a YES in my book. And it follows the number one rule of pattern-mixing: one geometric pattern (polka dots) + one organic pattern (jungle) + at least one colour in common that's a neutral (white and red). I won't be keeping either the pants or the shoes out in my fall/winter wardrobe (changeover in two weekends, eeee!).

Green bling:
All. The. Green.

  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Glass bead necklace - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment
  • Turquoise/silver ring - Glee

I also felt like all that pattern business going on in the bottom half of the outfit left the top half a bit lacking, so I pulled together another colour from one of the patterns - green, also found in the jungle print of the shoes - that is also a complementary colour of the main bulk of the outfit (green is opposite of red/coral on the colour wheel).

And so I feel pretty good. It helps that I got some good ol' fashioned kitty therapy.

Vizzini roams around the house in the morning, poking his head in the bathroom and visiting me on the computer while I'm getting ready in the morning. Whenever he comes to find me, I'll always give him attention. So today, when he didn't visit me, I went looking for him.
"What is it, I am busy!"
He is mid-meow there. The acorns are falling from the oaks all around our house (it's a mess on the road) and there are squirrels everywhere right now, harvesting them.

He came to visit me later and we sat on the cuddle benches.
"'re not taking my picture now, are you?"
While Vizzini is 80% monster, he is also 20% cuddle-kitty. I rarely catch him this way in pictures.
"No one's going to see this, right?"
He is totally fine with us rubbing his tum until he's not. His paws are all happy there, and he's drooling all over the bench - no scratches today.

He sat on the bench watching me leave.
"But I'm not done with our cuddling!"
This cat makes me late for work some days!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Presidential in Cerulean Blue, and An Interview With Ally

What a day - the Canadian President of my company came to the office! We were all given the head's up to put our best foot forward and dress up, instead of dressing like IT workers. Skip the socks and sandals, and put on a tie! 
Of course, I'm classy as heck every day (she tells herself), but I took it up a notch today.

  • Jacket - Le Chateau, consignment; last seen here (4th outfit) in May as a topper over a yellow dress
  • Camisole - not tracked, thrifted
  • Skirt - handmade, vintage 80s, thrifted; last worn here in July with a southwest blouse
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) earlier this month to see "Spamalot" with Mom

And I had a bag of ties ready for the managers who'd forgotten to wear one!

I felt very corporate in this, and actually really liked the outfit overall, although it did feel just a titch too conservative for me. Heck, it's good to shake it up a bit, right?

Nothing new here, all stalwart favourites in my wardrobe. I love this jacket and always mentally thank the person who had the sleeves shortened to this nice bracelet-length before she consigned it.
The skirt is a work of art, and again, thanks to its former owner who used a gorgeous wool crepe, lined it fully and was the exact same size as me!

The stuff:
The shoes are probably the funkiest part of the outfit. Well, aside from my hair. No toning that down!

Sparkly bling:
My headset that I have to wear all day at work covers one ear, so I put the matchy clip on the uncovered ear, and wore a pearl in the other. I'm sure not a single person noticed.

  • Belt - Danier Leather
  • Brooch/earring - vintage 60s,vintage fair (one earring was lost a few years ago)
  • Pearl earring - don't remember (not a real pearl)
  • Bracelet - Coro, vintage 60s, Mom's 
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

In other, much more super-duper exciting news: I'm interviewed on Ally's blog Shybiker! Get over there - here - to read all my secrets (hee). I have to thank Ally for being so kind and patient - I wrote the darned thing back in January and have been too lazy to dig up pictures. Finally, I thought, "I'm just going to send it and apologize profusely, and hope that she still wants it." And she did!

I'm also quite embarrassed at all the sweet things she's said (I am not that interesting, really). Oh, go on, Ally, I'm blushing. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Power Colour: Rockin' Red

You guys are the best - thank you for your empathetic responses to yesterday's "mojo-less" post! I am still feeling "meh" but I faked it better today. Helps when I wear one of my power colours (or Power Colours, to emphasize their importance to me).
Red has always been a Power Colour for me (yellow too).

  • Blouse - Michael Kors, thrifted; purchased here for $16.95
  • Skirt - no label, handmade, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in June with a cheonsam top
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here in May with fucshia and copper leather

I felt better in classic shapes: a simple blouse, and a straight skirt and pumps. Easy.

First wearing of this blouse and it is very slippy and slidey! I couldn't tuck it into my nylons (one of my usual tricks) due to the waistband of the skirt being low, so I was tucking it back in constantly. The sleeves also wanted to unroll very badly. However, overall I really liked it.
I love this wonderful Indian handwoven skirt - it's a bit hard to see but it has wonderful bands of gold and bright red weaving along the bottom, and the body of it is a fine black and red stripe, which gives it an overall burgundy look.

The stuff:
Shiny copper shoooooooes!

Copper bling:
Most of my copper collection is packed away for fall/winter - these bracelets have both been purchased recently.

  • Cuff - Renoir, vintage 60s, consignment; purchased here for $12.00
  • Bracelet - Renoir, vintage 60s, thrifted; purchased here for $4.00

Do you have Power Colours? What effect do they have on you?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Many Colours and Sick Pants

Today was one of those days. My mojo is missing: I feel blah and dead and tired and completely uninspired. I don't even want to smile. 
A very forced smile
This made it hard to do my job, which is mostly smiling and being upbeat, but I was plagued by work-dreams last night and woke up with just...nuthin'.

  • Jacket - Danier Couture, consignment; last seen here in June with dots and dragons
  • Blouse - Spense, consignment; purchased here for $22.00
  • DIY harem pants, thrifted; first worn here (2nd outfit) in August after I turned them from palazzo pants to harem pants
  • Shoes - Grotesque; last seen here in June with grey lace

"I think I smell your mojo on the carpet."
My coworkers were pretty nice about it. Thanks to Chris for the big bear-hug.

I wanted to wear these pants once more before I pack 'em away, but they didn't ring my bell this time around, although I like the outfit overall. This is also the first wearing of this gloriously bright cobalt blue ruffled blouse, but even the vivid colour and ruffles failed to raise my spirits.

Nothing about the outfit rang my bell - I wanted to be at home in my house stuff.
"Is that your mojo at the door?'
Apparently, my pants are also "sick" which I believe in the current lexicon is a good thing, as in "Yo, those are sick pants."

The stuff:
I love these shoes, but even they did not contain enough oomph to get me out of my bluesy slump.

Minimal bling:
For a maximalist like me, these earrings are practically a crime.

  • Earrings - local

A huge "thank you!" to Shelley at Forest City Fashionista for naming me one of her "8 Coolest Outfits Worn by 40+ Bloggers This Month" for this lavender and dotty outfit from a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sure I'll be mojo-ing again soon - I always bounce back. I'll have to put together something really "ME! for tomorrow to try to jump-start my mood.